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it's election day and voters in the area should pack their patience. we have reports of voting lines as long as three hours. when election workers think things are going to calm down and why voters are willing to wait to cast their ballots. good morning. i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm keith russell. it's tuesday, november 6th, 2012. it all comes down to one day, today. after months of nonstop campaigning and nonstop commercials, election day is here. millions of voters cast their
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ballots. manies more are waiting in long lines as we speak to have their voices heard. melissa mollet joins us with more on how the presidential candidates are spending their election day. good morning. with hours to go until the results start rolling in, a day of waiting in line for voters and a waiting game for the candidates before we will all know who will be the next president of the united states. president obama has radio and tv interviews scheduled throughout the day. it's done with the rope. he traveled more than 1,000 miles in wisconsin, and ohio. he made personal phone calls urging people to vote. >> hey, karen. barack obama. >> reporter: he and the first lady arrived in chicago to await the results. the president plans to spend part of the day playing a basketball game with advisers and friends. mrs. obama voted early as did the president. his final campaign event in
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iowa, the state that gave the president his 2008 victory. >> when the stakes said you wouldn't, you said yes we can. in politics, it's not winning elections, it's making sure you are delivering for the folks who sent you. >> reporter: in the meantime, mitt romney is ending with a last minute round of campaigning. he started casting his ballot at a polling place not far from his home. then back on the campaign trail in pennsylvania and ohio. >> feel great about ohio. >> reporter: romney's focus on is state is not a surprise. he spent more time campaigning there than any other state. no republican has won the presidency without carrying the mid western battleground. he'll return to boston to wait out the results. >> this is more than our moment, it's america's moment. the purpose and optimism.
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now, we are almost home. one final push and we'll get there. >> now, the president ended last night's event in iowa saying it's out of my hands, now it's in yours. he made an unexpected stop in hyde park. he's got a slight lead. romney campaigners remain confident and insist they are ahead. >> thanks for the update, melissa. well, if the rest of the country votes like dicksville, new hampshire does, we could be in for a long night. they voted at midnight. for the first time in the history of dicksville notch, there was a tie vote. five residents voted for president obama and five voted for mitt romney. vice president biden will join president obama in chicago later today. this morning, he voted in delaware. the vice president waited patiently in line to cast his ballot. he encouraged voters to wait in
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line for as long as it takes to have their voices heard. paul ryan fulfilled his civic duty. he voted in wisconsin. the republican vice president nominee will head to richmond this afternoon to do last minute campaigning. he'll also visit ohio today. >> former virginia governor tim kaine and his wife ann cast their ballots in richmond this morning. he was in line just after 7:00. he'll spend the day stopping by polling places in richmond. he will go to the marriott to await election results. >> george allen cast his ballot before the s came up in alexandria. he will spend the day at several precincts in virginia including loudoun and springfield. allen will be at the omni hotel in richmond. >> here is what you need to know. all voters in virginia and some first time voters in maryland
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will be required to show some form of identification. there were at least 30 forms of valid id including a card from your employer. poll opening and closing times are different from state-to-state. virginia polls stay open until 7:00 tonight. d.c. and maryland close at 8:00. we have more on virginia and why voters are willing to wait in long lines to cast their ballots. megan mcgrath is live. i know the lines are long. i could hear you telling people, it's okay, they are moving, they are moving. you are out there keeping people in line i guess. >> reporter: everyone needs to get out and vote. when you walk into the building, we can't show you the line. i can tell you, i was there a short time ago. the line goes out of the auditorium, down the hallway and wraps ashd the corner. when people walk in and see it,
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you can hear them gasp. they assume they are going to be here for the rest of their lives. i have good news to report. the line is moving very, very well. we are hearing from folks they are getting out within 45 minutes to an hour. while the line is very long, it's not terrible in terms of the wait. we must say that the folks we have encountered say they are happy to wait in the line. they understand the importance of their vote. virginia is a swing state in all of this. here in prince william and loudoun county, they are considered to be swing counties. folks keeping an eye on what happens here very, very closely. everybody realizing the importance of virginia in all of this. 4:30 in the morning. people were already lined up outside this alexandria polling place. >> wanting to be first. >> reporter: you are. >> i am! i am first. i'm happy. >> i think it's important to get here early. i have kids. my husband is in the military and he is gone. i need to get here early so i
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can have peace of mind for the rest of the day. >> reporter: voter turnout is expected to be high. many voters were greeted by long lines. while daunting at first glance, voters of washington mill elementary say it moved smoothly, even with the new voter id requirement. >> i thought it was smooth. very well organized. the folks were very good about telling us to be informed and went like that. >> reporter: for others, the crowds proved to be too much before work. >> i'm going to come back this afternoon. >> thank you. >> reporter: virginia is an important swing state with president obama and mitt romney in a statistical dead heat in a hotly contested race for the u.s. senate. the old dominion took on national significance. results in loudoun and prince william counties are key indicators of how the state may
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go. voters seem to like that. >> we moved here from new york. to actually your vote means more here. it's a little exciting. >> it is exciting, of course it's exciting. it's our country. i'm also from ohio. it's a double whammy for me. >> reporter: i asked a couple how long it took them. they said an hour and ten minutes. earlier, i was talking to an election official. he said as of 11:00, a third of the voters already cast their ballots. they are expecting things to be very busy throughout the day and into the night. the polls are going to stay open until 7:00 p.m. reporting live, megan mcgrath, news 4. back to you. >> good to hear turnout is good in virginia in the swing state. thanks. prince george's county executive has been busy getting out the vote this morning.
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these are pictures posted on twitter. folks in maryland have some huge decisions to make. outside the presidential election. aaron gilchrist has more from the news 4 super screen. >> there are three major referendum questions on maryland's ballot today. we want to make sure you know what they are today. here is a look at them. fes four, six and seven. we start with question seven on expanded gambling. it's asking you two things that you want to think about. first, do you think the state's casinos should be allowed to have table games. quite simply, that is the question. here is question number two. do you think a casino should be built in prince george's county raising the number from five to six. you answer for or against at one time. then the next question, six on the same-sex marriage issue. it's been passed into law but it needs approval from voters to be
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fully enacted. here you are either for or against the law. the law allows gay and lesbian couples to get a marriage license. it allows religious institutions to decide if they will perform marriage ceremonies for them. a law that needs voter approval makes immigrants eligible provided they meet certain criteria, paying taxes, applying to be a resident and credit hours if they want to go to a four-year school. well, i guess that helps to explain it's not easy when you get in that booth to figure out what all those things are. >> it made it understandable. >> hey, people waiting in those voting lines out there needed to be bundled up. it was cold out there. warming up now though. >> it's understandable. storm team 4 meteorologist tom
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kierein with the election day forecast. >> it was the coldest morning of the season so far. widespread freeze across virginia, west virginia, maryland and delaware. it was around dawn. it didn't get above freezing until after 8:00. we have a lot of sunshine. a few high clouds from the south from a developing area of coastal low pressure. it will be affecting the weather here tomorrow. for the rest of this election day, plenty of sunshine. right now, the areas in dark blue, they are still in the 30s. it's out of the mountains. the light blue areas low to mid-40s. reagan national is at 44. closer in, around the beltway, temperatures in montgomery, artington fairfax, prince george's county right now in the low 40s. it's going to maybe climb another four or five degrees for the high this afternoon making it one of the colde
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presidential election days in the metro area since back to 1960. that was the coldest election day. this may challenge that. i'll be back in a few minutes with the latest on the coastal storm and the seven day outlook coming up. >> thank you, tom. >> coat to vote. you need a coat to vote. >> we certainly needed one today. we are going check on the traffic now. >> danella sealock. danella has the first look. what's happening? >> good news now. had a problem with a suspicious package that shut down a couple metro stations. that is reopen. they are not reporting delays on the orange and blue line. it closed at d street in southeast surrounding streets were closed as well. they were all reopened. you may see delays in the area. traveling i-95 northbound in the hov lanes, they were shut down. barbara, they are open now.
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back to you. >> thanks, danella. a ten-term maryland congressman could be at risk of losing his seat today. he's one of the most vulnerable incumben incumbents. he's running against a newcomer. in the senate, a democrat is running for a second term. he's expected to defeat dan and independent rob -- >> if she'll get to represent the district. she's running against bruce. norton served 11 terms as d.c.s nonvoting delegate. you can find out everything you need to know on our website, check out hour online voting guide. look in the top right corner of the home page. you are looking live at
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democracy plaza in new york. it's the headquarters for nbc news'election coverage. nbc 4, your home for all things election. >> it's 13 minutes after 11:00 on this election day. coming up, election day could mean changes at the capital. we look at the most watched races across the country. plus, we are following a developing story out of the state of north carolina. an explosion at a hospital. stay with us. [ earnest ] out of the blue one day, we were told to build a 30-foot stage. gathered the guys and we built that 30-foot stage, not knowing what it was for.
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just days later, all three shifts were told to assemble in the warehouse. a group of people walked out on that stage and told us that the plant is now closed and all of you are fired... i looked both ways, i looked at the crowd, and...we all just lost our jobs. we don't have an income. mitt romney made over 100 million dollars by shutting down our plant and devastated our lives. turns out that when we built that stage, it was like building my own coffin, and it just made me sick. [ male announcer ] priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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what mitt romney's tv ads say prioabout women?ction or what mitt romney himself says? mitt romney: do i believe the supreme court... should overturn roe v. wade? yes.
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and it would be my preference that they, that they... reverse roe v. wade. hopefully reverse roe v. wade. overturn roe v. wade. planned parenthood, we're going to get rid of that. i'll cut off funding to planned parenthood. anncr: no matter what mitt romney's ads say. we know what he'll do. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message. we are following a developing story. fire investigators trying to figure out what caused an explosion at a north carolina hospital. the fire broke out on the sixth floor around 2:00 this morning. hospital workers had to move some patients because the
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sprinklers caused flooding in parts of the hospital. >> we are not just focused on the presidential election in our region. they are races around the country that are huge. in missouri, claire mccaskill is looking to hold on to her seat republican todd akin. he stayed in the race despite his comments about race and contraceptives. former world wrestling ceo linda mcmahon is battling for a seat in connecticut. tens of thousands of people are without power due to hurricane sandy. americans flood the polls today, there are reports of voter fraud in several battleground states including virginia. robo calls are telling voters they can cast their ballots over the phone. the fake phone call, some of which involve live callers are made primarily to black voters. the calls are popping up in
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north carolina and florida. the news 4 i team has a tip line for voter fraud. call or e-mail us. tom kierein joins us now with a look at the forecast. >> folks waiting in lines are shivering this morning. >> my heart goes out to them. many people are waiting in line for a couple hours. it didn't get above freezing until 8:30 this morning. here is a look at the sky. sunshine over capitol hill. reagan national, 44. the dew point very dry at 24. the temperature really dropped this morning. a northeast breeze at five to ten miles per hour. it feels chillier. temperatures elsewhere, low to mid-40s. most of maryland and virginia, eastern shore out in west virginia was down in the upper teens this morning. many in the high and low valleys in the highlands of west virginia and maryland. now, it's climbing up to 40
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degrees. this is what's been happening over the last several hours. we have a disturbance here that is now over georgia and the carolinas. storm team 4 radar showing rain in north carolina. the latest indications are, as it gets off the coast, it will form an area of low pressure off the south carolina coast. the latest track is farther east in the last couple days. as a result, we may not have as much of an impact locally as we might otherwise have. it's tracking farther east. i's bringing rain and going to begin to move up into southeast of virginia, the lower part of the bay and the eastern shore. this is at 5:00 tomorrow morning. chilly rain. as it moves, it draws cold air. there may be wet snow flakes at 1:00, forming on the eastern shore. areas east of i-95 will likely be the only areas getting precipitation.
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washington west, mostly, cloudy. any of that wet snow tomorrow on the eastern shore, as far south as eastern virginia may accumulate on grassy areas. it will quickly move away. as it tracks up new england, it spreads. for us, we clear out and sunshine back on thursday. for this election day afternoon, mostly sunny and chilly. a northeast breeze. temperatures in the mid and upper 40s. cloudy and chilly. a few light breezes. back down to 40 degrees by midnight. by dawn tomorrow, all cloudy in the mid-30s. the rest of the day on wednesday, cloudy and rain and snow, mainly to the east of i-95 during the afternoon and evening hours. quickly ending by dawn on thursday with the latest timing on that. thursday afternoon, climb to the 40s to near 50. a blustery wind. tomorrow's wind may only be 30 miles an hour into thursday. i don't anticipate many power outages, then friday, into the
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weekend, a warming trend and sunshine each day into veterans day on monday. >> okay. >> we have to get through tomorrow, huh? >> stay tuned. >> we'll take the latter part of the forecast, for sure. >> now, let's check on the midday traffic. >> how is it looking on the roads? folks heading to the polls, i guess? >> yes. we have a lot of volume on the interstate. incidents are causing problems. if you are traveling the outer loop of the beltway from i-270 making your way to american league, it's slow because of the road work. you have to stick to the right. seeing heavy delays in this area. the earlier accident, i-95 in the hov lane, it shut everything down at fairfax county parkway forcing drivers to get into the lanes here. seeing two mile back up from fairfax county. northbound you are 29 miles per hour. it will take you 21 minutes to get to the beltway.
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barbara and keith? >> thank you. 11:22. the results questioning the benefits of multivitamins, especially for men. >> here are election day pictures this morning. from gaithersburg, herndon and how about upper marlboro? stay with us.
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you know the i voted sticker you get at the polls? it can get you sweet deals today. wear it to einstein bagels and you can get free bagel. wear it to z-burger for a free burger. if you don't have a sticker,
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stay z-vote. >> taking a multivitamin may not do anything to help your heart. that, according to a new study by a hospital in boston. researchers followed 14,000 middle-aged male doctors. half took multivitamins. they showed no different rate of heart disease. the men who took the multivitamins did have an 8% lower rate of cancer than those who didn't take a vitamin. 11:27. our special election day coverage continues after the break with reports from across the area. we concentrate on the importance of virginia in this election. plus, we are live in maryland where voters are making important choices about gambling and same-sex marriage. >> tom kierein will be here with how much we'
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charlie rose: will you endorse president obama? colin powell: yes. when he took over we were in one of the... worst recessions we had seen in recent times... close to a depression. and i saw, over the next several years, stabilization... come back in the financial community. housing is starting to pick up. the president saved the auto industry. and the actions he's taken with respect to... protecting us from terrorism have been very, very solid. and so, i think we ought to keep on the track that we are on. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
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right now on news 4 midday, it's election day and right now might be a good time to hit the polls. the smallest lines are reported between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. poll opening and closing times vary from state-to-state.
11:31 am
virginia open until 7:00. d.c. and maryland close at 8:00 tonight. mitt romney is preparing to make one final appeal for a vote in the state of ohio. he'll be in cleveland minutes from now. he was in columbus yesterday. ohio is one of four battleground states he visited on the last day of campaigning. >> president obama is done campaigning. he's spending election day in chicago. he arrived in the middle of the night. he flew to the windy city from des moines, iowa. the city has sentimental value to him. it's where he opened his first presidential campaign office four years ago. folks in maryland have a host of issues they must decide on. news 4's tony tull joins us. >> let me tell you if you are in
11:32 am
prince george's county and haven't gotten out to vote, take a look now. the lines are not that bad. this morning, lines about two hours. latest report 40 to 45 minutes. get on down if you are on your lunch hour. we are expecting it to go up three to four hours. as you mentioned, keith, in maryland, seven questions on the ballot. three are a hot topic as aaron discussed earlier. the one in prince george's county, question 7. it's election day. in prince george's county, a restless night for many voters. >> i was here in 2008. the line wrapped around. we are excited. there's a lot of issues at hand. no matter how cold it is, we are here to vote for the issues. >> reporter: this is a big day for voters. one in particular, question 7 carries a lot of weight for residents, gaming expansion. >> i voted to add money in
11:33 am
maryland. >> the revenue can be used for whatever else it needs to be used for. it's not just for education. it will keep property taxes down. >> reporter: if passed, the sixth casino will go up and make table games legal statewide. not everyone is for it. >> there are a lot of negative aspects. >> reporter: many of the voters we talked to did their homework and were prepared to vote on the other questions on the ballot as well. >> all the issues on the absentee ballot last night. >> reporter: two highly talked about questions on the ballot, four and six. four is known as the dream act. legislation was passed by the general assembly in 2011 allowing undocumented students to attend college. in question six, will they uphold or dismiss maryland's equality laws. no matter how you vote, the
11:34 am
common theme, just vote. >> as young people, it's important to exercise your right to vote. >> reporter: keith and barbara, here in prince george's county, polls will close at 8:00 p.m. tonight. that's the latest from washington. back to you. >> thanks. if the president approves question 6, maryland is the first state where voters made the final call on legalizing same-sex marriage. for many couples, it's a very personal decision. >> reporter: they say they are not a traditional family, but share the fun of a family and the love as they dance to your video game. all the responsibilities when it's time for homework. irene is the captain with the police department in prince george's county. >> we have a family with or without a state issued marriage certificate.
11:35 am
we would like to be married in our home state. >> reporter: years ago, she adopted candace and marquee. if maryland voters approve question 6 legalizing same-sex marriage, irene will adopt them, too. >> it's an amazing experience, i believe for the kids and you. >> i agree. >> reporter: in churches across maryland, pastors are preaching against it. >> proper sexual behavior is within the context of marriage. one man, one woman, for life. >> our children. i think they should have a mother and father, not two mothers, not two fathers. >> they invited friends over tomorrow for a party as they await the election results on question 6. >> she's mommy. i'm mimmy. it's mommy with an "i" for irene. they want nothing more than all
11:36 am
of us to be one family. >> chris gordon, news 4 today. voters in four states are casting ballots on same-sex marriage. it could be the first state where voters approve marriage equality or rejected as it has been in states where voters banned gay marriage. another question on the maryland ballot was a corruption scandal. question three was spearheaded by joleen ivy after leslie johnson pleaded guilty in the corruption scandal of her husband. initially, leslie johnson refused to step down from office. she eventually did and pleaded guilty to the charges. if question 3 passes, a politician will be suspended from office at the moment he or she is found guilty. people in virginia have been
11:37 am
waiting in long lines since the polls opened this morning. the commonwealth is playing a key part in the presidential and u.s. senate races. tom costello has more on that. >> good day from the greater richmond area. at this polling place, the biggest polling precinct, we are told in all of this county, they were lined up before the sun came up, about 300 people lined up here at this polling place at about 6:00 in the morning. the earliest voter was standing in line at 3:30 this morning. it's critical along with three other counties to decide how this vote goes. fairfax county is critical, of course. prince william county and loudoun county. this state went for president obama in 2008 then voted for a republican governor. so, it is purple. how it goes, how those counties go, could determine how virginia and the 13 electoral votes go. it's why the candidates and
11:38 am
their spouses have been here more than 90 times since june. we can also tell you that of course, this close senate race will be closely watched not only here in virginia, but around the country. you have governor cane against governor allen. two former governors. cane is up two points. could virginia decide how the white house goes and the senate? it could be a nail biter. back to you. >> thank you, tom. voters get to decide on two ballot measures. question one involved immeant domain. it allows companies to take someone's home or land for public use, not private gains. question 2 is about the amount of time they can delay the start of veto sessions. if the measure passes, they can delay the start up to one week. brown resigned from council
11:39 am
back in june after giving false information on applications to get two bank loans for over $200,000. thigh will vote for phil or calvin. the winner will complete brown's term, which runs through january 2nd, 2013. that means another race for chairman takes place in 2014. d.c. residents will vote on three measures vo kused on preventing corruption in the wilson building. the council has to have 5/6 majority to do so. anyone convicts of a felony would ve to leave office. they would be banned from ever serving in office again. question 7 applies the same penalties to the mayor. the best place to get information all day long, check out our online voting guide. look in the top right corner of
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the home page. you are looking live at democracy plaza in new york. it's the headquarters for nbc news 'coverage. nbc 4, your home for all things election. >> on this election day, we have had a chilly start to the morning. let's see what's going to happen later this afternoon. >> tom kierein is here with the latest on the storm team 4 weather deck. >> thankfully, we didn't have prepgs on this election day. we have cold breezes. temperatures in the 40s. we have sunshine. it feels cold. winds gusting around 5 to 10 miles per hour. there's a live view from our city camera showing blue skies over the nation's capital and all around the region. we are off to a dry start this morning and for the rest of the afternoon, we'll have increasing clouds. here is the storm team 4 seven day outlook. temperatures reaching upper 40s. right now, we are in the
11:41 am
mid-40s. the winds are going increase gusting to 30 miles per hour tomorrow afternoon as a coastal area of low pressure moves along. it's farther out to sea as a result. maybe a little bit of chilly rain and wet snow flakes. areas east of i-95 tomorrow afternoon and evening. ending by dawn thursday. then the sunshine returns and a warming trend as we get into the weekend and for monday, veterans day observed. that's the way it looks. i'll be back with another update. >> thanks. it's not going to be an easy day for voters and election officials in new york city and new jersey with many areas without power because of sandy. but, the board of election officials are doing what they can in both states. in one new jersey county, ballots were delivered to emergency shelters. they signed an executive order to allow them to cast ballots at
11:42 am
any location in that state. let's check on the traffic. >> danella sealock, what's going on out there? >> watching i-66. an earlier accident eastbound at nutley. here is a live look. fairfax county parkway to get to the beltway, it will take 14 minutes. good news if you are traveling i-270. you are nice and clear. no accidents or major delays. crossing over the bridge, nice and clear. back to you. >> thank you, danella. metro is apologizing for a snafu when they set their clocks back over the weekend. trains stopped running an hour earlier than they were supposed to because of the time change for daylight savings. that left many out in fact cold late at night without a way to get home. metro issued a statement apologizing for the inconvenience. hopefully they got home. >> hopefully, they did.
11:43 am
>> it's 11:42. still ahead, what we can expect this morning on wall street. are investors watching the election? >> your pictures from election day in fairfax and wood bridge. stay with us. anncr: it's said that character is what we do...
11:44 am
when we think no one is looking. mitt romney: believe that they are victims. anncr: mitt romney thought no one was looking when... he attacked forty-seven percent of americans. his companies shipped jobs overseas.
11:45 am
his plan cuts millionaires' taxes, but raises yours. he'll voucherize medicare... and make catastrophic cuts to education. so remember what romney said... and what his plan would do. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message. in virginia, we know education means opportunity. that's why tim kaine expanded pre-k... championed higher ed and job training... helping make virginia "the best state to raise a child." but george allen has not made our kids a priority. as governor, he tried to cut funding for public schools. in washington, allen voted to end tax deductions for college tuition. and now, a budget plan that devastates k-12 classrooms-- all to pay for even more tax breaks for the wealthy. seiu cope is responsible for the content of this ad.
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starting today, it's going to cost big bucks to have bags on your spirit airlines flight. they are going to charge $100 for passengers who check their bags at the gate. they are known to charge a lot for bags to make up for the cheap flights. it makes you pay $35 for a checked bag. investors on wall street are watching the presidential election closely today, real closely. let's check in with cnbc. we have more on that and the rest of the day's business headlines. >> hello to you, keith.
11:47 am
stocks are higher today. investors wait for the outcome of the election. i's expected to be a close call. the nasdaq is higher by a half percent. real estate data provider says home prices jumped 5% in september compared with a year ago. it's the largest year over year increase since 2006. it's more evidence of the housing recovery. checking your price at the pump this election day, aaa says the national average for regular gas dropped another penny to $3.46 a gallon. apple gained out of the gate after the ipad mini was practically sold out. >> thanks for checking in. covering blemishes, birthmarks and more.
11:48 am
dr. sheryl burgess joins us to tell us what works. sometimes the expensive options don't work, right? >> exactly. there are alternatives we can use. a lot of times we suggest make up to patients and clients. >> you brought a patient with you. >> yeah. this is gwen. she is 26 but had a lot of photo damage. she lived in an apartment where they gave free indoor tanning. at the time, she didn't know it wasn't good for the skin. she had a lot of freckling on the face. georgia is going to show you you can cover on a moments notice when you don't have time to get the procedures. she's eventually going to need treatment. for the most part, we can show how to cover it if she has an event or something to go to when she wants to look more even
11:49 am
tone. >> for folks who can't see the damage, you look beautiful to me. >> we have a picture of her, with a uv reflective camera that shows three different views of her photo damage. these are different pictures, but these are before and afters of what this can do. the pictures of her will come up in a second. >> okay. let's look at the options of what you brought with you. >> this is mineral make up. what's good about it is it's sun protective. women who don't like or people who have oily skin and don't like an oil based sun protection or sunscreen, this gives you an sfp block range. so, using this on the skin and you can apply it as often as you would like, the little mineral particles reflect the sun so it
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protects. it also is anti-inflammatory for the skin. it contains minerals that help with sun protection. >> is mineral make up heavy on the skin? can you feel it? >> a lot of people use it incorrectly where they put a lot on. no, you don't need a lot. it comes in a loose powder, a pressed powder. sometimes you can see it even in a liquid foundation formulation. >> are mineral make ups for covering flaws in the skin or can anyone use it? >> anyone can use it. they have some that are translucent that can be used. >> what did she just do? she put it on a powder. >> it comes in different fragranc fragrances, but it's an antioxidant. it's water resistant in a sense where we can't say waterproof with products or sunscreen.
11:51 am
it's water resis tant. >> it has sunscreen in it? >> it's titanium ox side based. i applied in a heavier, instead of a brush, this is a sponge. this is full spectrum spf. >> anyone can use it? >> yeah, from the darkest, richly pigmented skin to very light skin. you can combine colors. don't think because that one color isn't yours that you can't mix and match because most people are probably 66 shades of complex. >> when you read or see signs for mineral make up, it's actually good for you? >> it's very good for you. >> all right. any suggestions on how people should choose their color? >> hopefully you go to a
11:52 am
professional to help you choose your color. you can go online to our website at >> she's pretty and still beautiful with the make up coverage. when we look at ourselves in the mirror, we see everything. for more information on this make up, you have it on your facebook page. >> we have a special where the first callers, there have been gracious enough to give us samples to give away so people can try it. >> go to your website to find out more about that. >> or facebook. >> our time is 11:52. coming up, a plane clips the top of an suv. plus, tom kierein will be back with another check of the storm that's working its way in ou
11:53 am
11:54 am
11:55 am
you have seen some crazy video. look at this from north texas. three people are lucky to be alive after a plane clipped the top of an suv as it was preparing to land. a flight instructor out of that airport says both the driver and pilot are to blame. the driver did not follow the stop sign. the pilot was coming in way too low.
11:56 am
>> i think it probably should be marked. obviously, they knew they were going to the airport. that was the attraction for them to come out here so they should have looked before they crossed the runway. he's looking down the runway. it's low on the approach. he should have been higher on the approach. >> the owner of the airport is working with the faa and national transportation safety board on possible safety recommendations. tonight, you can watch the election results and listen to live jazz music here in the nation's capital. they are hosting an election night jam concert. jason moran will perform with bandwagon. they will play american favorites and campaign related songs. of course, there will be a sing a long. it runs from 6:00 to 9:00 at the centers grand foyer. >> let's look at the stories we are following at 4:00 with pat
11:57 am
lawson muse. coming up on news 4 at 4:00 this afternoon, it's election day. we are heading out to the polls in d.c., maryland and virginia. we are on the lookout for problems there. plus, taking a closer look at how northern virginia could change the outcome of the presidential race. which counties are the battlegrounds inside the battleground. election coverage starts on news 4 at 4:00. >> see you then. let's get a last look at the forecast for today. >> if you are in the sun, it feels good. in the shade, a bit of a breeze, it is cold, still. thankfully, we have sunshine, dry weather for election day around the region. there's rain beginning to show up in north carolina. it's ahead of the coastal low. all the areas in the light blue are in the 40s. it's colder than that with the breeze. tonight will cloud up. tomorrow morning, mid-30s. on wednesday, we could get rain,
11:58 am
maybe wet snow, mainly east of i-95 during the afternoon tomorrow and into tomorrow night. maybe only a light accumulation on grassy areas in those regions during the night tomorrow night, ending tomorrow morning, rather thursday morning and dry into the weekend. >> tom, thank you. >> all right. >> thanks. that's news 4 midday. tune in at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 for all the day's news. >> we're back tomorrow morning with news 4 midday. until then, have a terrific day. get out and vote if you haven't already. see you in the morning.
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